Quake Video Maker

Quake Video Maker 1.4

It generates AVI movies from Quake screenshots and other image files
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The Quake Video Maker application enables you to generate your own AVI movies from screenshots that are made by Quake III Arena and Quake 4, but it can also import most of the popular image file formats. Installing the program is simple; and when it is launched it displays a familiar graphic window interface. Once the images I wanted were selected, I added a few more scenes, and then applied some special effects and transitions from the other tab. Next, I selected the 'Settings' option from the Movie menu in order to choose the export destination for my finished file; and then - after just one click on the 'Generate' option - my movie was being generated as I watched it. Clicking the 'View Final Movie' icon in the toolbar enabled me to view my movie in Window's Media Player.

Quake Video Maker allows you to import GIF animations, add overlays, add sounds to your creations, and it supports MP3 and WAV files. It also supports Flash generated sequences, which is handy for adding title scenes to your AVI movies.

Luis Sanchez
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